6 Night/ 7 Day Botswana and Kruger Safari

This Safari option is perfect for wildlife and game viewing enthusiasts that want to get as close to nature as possible.


This safari is designed for those looking for adventure and a true wilderness experience.

Layout of Safari:

Please see below for rough layout of your safari experience. Please mail us for a full and detailed itinerary and quote as the below is just a brief description of what to expect from this fantastic safari.

Day 1/Night 1 - Day 5:

After collecting you from our pre arranged collection point we spend the first 4 night traversing the breathtaking landscapes of the Kruger National Park.


We will make the most of our time by spending many hours in the bush, searching for and enjoying the wildlife Kruger has to offer.


We will be spending our nights in Kruger,making use of the accommodation the rest camps have on offer.

Day 5 - Day 7:

On our 5th day we will depart from Kruger and head towards Botswana's Tuli wilderness area.


This is truly going back to basics in a wild and untamed land. We will spend the days exploring the untamed wilderness of Botswana by vehicle and by foot.


Our nights will be spent in a wilderness camp where many animals such as Elephant, Lion and many more are night time visitors through the camp.

On day 7 we head back to South Africa where you will spend your last evening before we say farewell.

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