• Josh Beaton

Sighting report 12th and 13th September 2019.

It has been a phenomenal 2 days of sightings while on safari in the Kruger National Park, with many fantastic sightings of some fantastic animals, and of course with lovely guests.

My top sighting from the last few days:

Lovely leopardess :

Please have a look on our Facebook page as well as Instagram to view the video I managed to take of this Leopardess. We had managed to finish our breakfast stop earlier than usual, having fantastic sightings of Lion, Elephant and Buffalo before breakfast ! So, having already had a great day so far I chatted to my guests about my plan for the rest of the morning. If you drive 28km North of Satara, you get to a lovely little oasis of an area just before the s147 dirt road. There is a lovely little green belt, with many big trees and an abundance of wildlife that are attracted to the little water that is left here. I explained to them that a lovely Leopardess had taken up residence in the area for the last while and has been providing some amazing sightings as she is very relaxed around the vehicles. As an added bonus, she also has an almost grown cub with her. If you get your timing right and have luck on your side you could see 2 beautiful Leopards. So, naturally my guests were keen to head up that way.

It is a bit of a drive but, if the plan works it is worth it. We arrived at our spot and the abundance of cars made it clear that the Leopards were around. Having taken in the situation we were amazed to see that mother Leopard was busy mating on some rocks with the resident male and, her cub was hiding up in a shady spot not too far off. So, 3 Leopards were present in the area. We didn’t see the mother but, we were fortunate enough to have a good look at the big male as he rested after mating on an outcrop of rocks.

We spent some time with the cub but, couldn’t get a good look at her as she was pretty well hidden. I heard from some other guests that there were some lions resting up in the shade a few km’s up the road. So, we decided to go have a look at the Lions and then make our way back to the Leopards to see if the situation had changed. The rumours proved to be true and we had a lovely sighting of 3 lionesses and 3 cubs resting up in the shade not far off the road. After about 20 min we decided to head back to the Leopards to see if there was any change. Luck was on our side and as we got there the beautiful young Leopardess decided she had given her mom enough time off and decided to go in search of her. Luckily for us we were stopped in the perfect spot and our young Leopard walked straight up to us, and walked along the side of the road and then crossed the road right in front of us before disappearing into the long grass. It really was a special sighting, especially with the mom and male around and the fact that we were patient and our patience was rewarded in spectacular fashion. Patience in the bush is always essential to a successful safari.

Other sightings for the 2 days included:

Honey Badgers Lions Wildebeest Steenbok Crocodile

Spotted Hyena Leopard Kudu Duiker Baboon

Elephant Giraffe Nyala Bushbuck Monkey

Buffalo Zebra Impala Hippo and many lovely birds. . .

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