Survival Challenge

With most of the worlds population stuck in lockdown, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Josh Beaton and Dane Kincaid-Smith accept the challenge of attempting to survive in an unforgiving African wilderness, using nothing but their wits and the bare minimum survival essentials.


Join us as we search for food, water and shelter, whilst avoiding the attention of predators such as lion, leopard and hyena, as well as the mega herbivores such as elephant, buffalo and the critically endangered rhino.


They will be dropped off in an area abundant in potentially dangerous wildlife, including the well known members of the Big 5. With no rifle for protection, they will live side by side, for 5 days with some of the most dangerous animals on the planet. Join us on this heart stopping and educational journey into the unknown.

Fundraiser for Safari Tour Guides




The world has been hit hard by the covid 19 pandemic, none more so than the tourism industry. Josh and Dane head out into the wilderness to accept the challenge of surviving the African bush for as long as possible in the hope of raising funds to offer safari guides some much needed financial relief during these devastating times.


Many guides have not seen an income since March this year and are desperately struggling to feed their families.It is our hope that with your help and donations we can help those in need. Once again Josh and Dane will venture out completely unarmed and at the mercy of the wilderness and the wild animals that call this wilderness home. Join them as they post daily videos of them surviving the elements while foraging for food and water.


They will survive as long as humanly possible while trying to raise funds. Please follow them on you tube as they will be posting daily videos as well as live streaming from the wilderness when possible. You can also follow their progress on Facebook at Crossroads Safaris and Tours. Visit our website to book your next overnight safari or Kruger national park safari experience, by going to


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